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Panthro Carbon Remover Engine Clean

Panthro Carbon Remover Engine Clean

As car lovers and petrol heads from very early age, and especially loving the old cars we had a constant problem with the performance drop of the internal combustion engines due to time.

This drop was mainly caused by the carbon deposits that were building up in the intake, the valves, the pistons, the combustion chamber, the exhaust and of course in all sensors and final the catalytic converter. Especially in the old carburettor engines the problem was so obvious and common that the only way was to dismantle and clean up the engine.

Around 2012 we installed initially a small HHO generator in one of our cars for performance reasons only, but we came across the benefits of HHO cleaning while burning. After 3 years we dismantle the engine to rebuilt it and found no carbon deposits. The small HHO generator kept the engine free of carbon built up. From then we have constructed and tested various generators and devices in order to reach the final complete range of PANTHRO carbon remover.

The machines are using the product of electrolysis (the HHO gas) that is produced in the specially designed generators and controlled by digital modules for the constant monitoring of the procedure of cleaning.

The designing and testing took us 6 years and the final result is our product range for professional use that is constantly evolving based on the feedback for all of our customers around the world. From the smallest mobile device for motorcycles to the very large machines suitable for big vehicles for construction purposes or marine engines.

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